Nanomaterials Centre
Nanomaterials Centre
Nanomaterials Centre

Welcome to the Nanomaterials Centre

Originally established in 2003 to focus on the the emerging area of nanomaterials research, the centre has since evolved to a large, multi-disciplinary group. The current research focus is the synthesis and characterisation of nanomaterials in the three key areas of energy, environment and health.

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Researcher Spotlight

  • A/Prof Gordon Xu

    A/Prof Gordon Xu

    Dr Zhi Ping (Gordon) Xu is an expert in synthesis, characterisation and applications of anionic clays, i.e. layered double hydroxides (LDH) and related materials. In particular, Dr Xu has developed a reliable method to control LDH nanoparticles in 30-300 nm with a narrow particle size distribution and homogeneously disperse these nanoparticles in a stable suspension, and has also led a team to investigate the cellular drug(gene) delivery using LDH nanoparticles.

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